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Does it snow...

Welcome to does it snow in, a website carefully crafted for adventurers and lovers of snow. Pack your bags, hit the slopes and find out which countries it snows!

About me

Travelling has been a passion of mine ever since I could walk. So far, I have visited 6 continents, 56 countries and traveled 33,000 miles in the pursuit to see every corner of the world. What I enjoy the most is skiing and snow!

While searching for my next big adventure, I spent hours trawling through Google finding countries with snow. With no luck, I decided to create my own website for snow lovers like yourself to answer the ultimate question we've all been searching for:

Does it snow in...

I hope you find what you're looking for here. If any countries/cities are missing, please get in touch and I will add them on. Until then, keep on exploring!