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Does It Snow In Australia?

Yes, some parts of Australia experience snowfalls for parts of the year, namely in winter.

So, if you’re finding yourself thinking about Southern Hemisphere snow skiing, keep your winters in limbo, pack your bags or grab a map and head to the snowy areas of Australia, alpine snow skiing is better and snowier than you can imagine.

And with all the development over there, it seemed only natural to name this area, “Snowy Mountains.”

In Australia, the winter holidays are filled with snow. The iconic Snowy Mountains get their name from the massive snowfall in the region. A 4WD adventure through the Snowy will show you a side of Australia you won’t find in any guidebook.

When does it snow in Australia?

Australia’s ski season stretches from June through to October, when thousands of snow bunnies descend on the country’s most popular resorts.

The snow depth in Australia averages around 40 inches (100cm) per year. Snowfall in Australia occurs mainly in the mountainous regions of the states of Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales. However, snow has also been recorded on the Australian mainland’s plateau region.

It falls as low as 4000 feet (1200 meters) occasionally but mostly between 3200 and 5000 feet (1000 to 1500 meters), due to the elevation and latitude and proximity to ocean.

Snowfall in Winter

In Australia it snows mainly in July and August.

The Snow season in Australia can be quite unpredictable. The average total snowfall per year is only 4 inches, most of which falls during the winter months. You must travel to southern Victoria or Tasmania to see snow on the ground. For a chance at seeing snow, you should plan your trip from June through August.

At Australia’s Thredbo Alpine Village ski resort, a snow depth of 2 inches (5 cm) is considered optimal. At the base of the mountain, where all the lifts and slopes meet, natural snow totals between 2 and 3 inches `(5 and 8 cm) are ideal.

Where is there Snowfall in Australia?

Many tourists celebrate the arrival of snow in Australia by visiting the Snowy Mountains, stopping at small ski towns such as Thredbo, Perisher, and Charlotte’s Pass.

The Snowy Mountains is the highest mountain range on the Australian mainland, rising to peak heights of 7300 feet (2,228m) in its highest mountain, Mount Kosciuszko.

Victoria’s High Country is not only a snow lover’s paradise but also a unique experience for lovers of scenery. Nestled in the heart of this area are several villages such as Bright, and it is from here that you can access Australia’s high country skiing region called “The Snowy River”.

The Snowy Mountains is a diverse alpine region where the sun shines around 5 months of the year. It is part of Australia’s Victorian Alps, and is a very popular destination for locals and tourists alike. With scenic drives, alpine huts, walking trails, and snow sports in winter, there really is something for everyone in this region.

The Snowy Mountains, located in New South Wales and Victoria, are Australia’s highest range of mountains. In this region, you can experience a white Christmas. Take a ride on the scenic Alpine Way and Snowy Mountains Highway or take in the beauty at one of the many lookouts.

Ski Resorts in Australia

Australia might be a country of beach bums, but it also boasts a handful of top-notch snow resorts to satisfy the powder fans. From alpine adventures to off-piste descents and heli-tours, here are our top picks for the best skiing and boarding in Australia.

Each resort offer something different, whether it’s mind-blowing steep terrain, a vertical drop that will make you gasp, or simply the chance to take in a panoramic view that will leave your jaw on the floor.

Whichever you choose you can be sure of one thing — your winter escapades will start with a bang! So which is the best resort in Australia?

Thredbo (NSW)

The ultimate Australian ski and snowboard destination, Thredbo is a four-season resort with exceptional amenities. From the top of the mountain, Skitube delivers you to the village in 20 minutes. No driving needed.

Thredbo is a world-class ski resort in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales, within the Kosciuszko National Park. At 8400 feet (2550 meters) above sea level, it has several vantage points that look out over the eastern high country and its iconic alpine peaks.

The resort is also home to The Tank Stream Trail, a world-class, 3 miles (5 km) mountain bike trail that takes riders through the heart of the resort. Mountain bikers are part of the Thredbo experience and there’s a communal bike park and bike washing station for downhill riders and cross-country enthusiasts alike.

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