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Does it Snow in Chile?

Chile is a country in South America that stretches from the Atacama Desert in the north to the towering Andes ranges in the south, spanning 756,096.3 square kilometers. Chile shares borders with Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina. It has a population of about 17.5 million people that live predominantly in urban areas. So does it snow in Chile?

Chile experiences a diverse climate, with different parts of the country having different climates. The desert area in the north has a dry arid climate, and the Easter island region has a tropical rainforest climate. In contrast, the southern regions of Chile covered by the Andes experience an alpine climate. Chile has for climatic season, and during winter, between June and August, it snows heavily on the Andes mountains. The rest of Chile experiences heavy rainfall.

When Does it Snow in Chile?

Chile gets to snow during the winter months in a few places while the rest of the country experiences heavy rainfall. Here is a breakdown of the snowy months in those places.

Snow in June

This is the first winter month in Chile. As winter sets in, Places like Punta Arenas experience chilly temperatures ranging from lows of 30.4 degrees Fahrenheit (-0.9 degrees Celsius) to highs of 39.4 degrees Fahrenheit (4.1 degrees Celsius).

Punta Areas experiences 11 days of rainfall and records 1.06 inches (27 millimeters) of accumulated precipitation.

Santiago experiences the most snowfall in June. It collects up to 0.24 inches (6 millimeters) of snow.

Snow in July

Punta Arenas records an average low temperature of 30 degrees Fahrenheit (-1.1 degrees Celsius) and accumulates up to 1.15 inches (29.1 millimeters) of precipitation.

Snow is seen on top of the Andes Mountains and Santiago, though fleeting, and aggregates up to 0.08 inches (2 millimeters).

Snow in August

Punta Arenas has an average low temperature of 31.8 degrees Fahrenheit (-0.1 degrees Celsius) and accumulates up to 1.17 inches (29.8 millimeters) of precipitation.

Snow is experienced on the Andes mountains.

Where does it Snow in Chile?

Snow in Santiago

Santiago is the capital and largest city in Chile and lies between altitudes 1640 feet (500 meters) and 2133 feet (650 meters) above sea level.

In June and July, snow falls in Santiago, and the city accumulates 0.31 inches (8 millimeters) of snow.

Snow in Curarrehue

Curarrehue is a town in the Andes Mountains that experiences snow during the winter months.

Ski Resorts in Chile

Chile has a vibrant skiing scene around the Andes mountains. A couple of scenic ski resorts are found here.

Valle Nevado Ski Resort

This is a ski resort located near Santiago. It is perfect for skiing and snowboarding, with 40 kilometers of slope readily available. The winter sports area is served by 14 ski lifts to transport guests.

The ski resort also offers a scenic view of its surroundings.

Portillo Ski Resort

Portillo ski resort is located in Valparaiso, about 2 hours from Santiago. It is the oldest ski resort in Chile and has 20 kilometers of slope available for skiing and snowboarding.

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