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Does It Snow In Malta?

Despite being two and a half times smaller than New York City, Malta remains the fourth most populous sovereign nation globally. Malta consists of islands in the Mediterranean Sea, namely: Malta, Gozo, Comino, and four other islands. A larger share of the 515,000 population resides in Malta, while the remaining population lives in Gozo and Comino. So does it snow in Malta?

Snow is almost unheard of in Malta as temperatures never drop to zero degrees or below; which are the optimum temperatures for snow formation.

The island of Malta is the largest and most developed between the islands. Malta’s administrative and commercial center, Valletta, is situated on the main island. Gozo island offers picturesque views of the blissful countryside of Malta. It also opens the door to sporty activities such as rock climbing and hiking.

The remaining island Comino is the backdrop of the see-through clear water bay called Blue Lagoon. It also houses a natural reserve and a bird sanctuary on top of being the smallest of the three.

Malta’s Climatic Conditions

Malta experiences a Mediterranean type of climate characterized by lenient winters and moist-stripped summers. It only rains during winters in the form of short spells of heavy downpour followed by sunshine. Temperatures average 66.5 Fahrenheit (19.25 degrees Celsius) during the year. The warmest month is August, with a high of 80.6 Fahrenheit (270 degrees Celsius), while the coldest is February with a low of 54.5 Fahrenheit (12.50 degrees Celsius).

Malta experiences winter from December to February. It is primarily mild but gets cold occasionally when the cold winds blow from Europe.  Heavy rainfalls are witnessed mainly in winter, while moderate rain occurs during autumn and spring. The highest monthly rainfall happens in December, while it gets the driest in the summer months.

Malta ranks high in tourists’ dream travel destination due to its favorable weather.

Ski Resorts in Malta

With it’s highest point being 830 feet (253 meters) above sea level, Malta does not have snowy mountains to ski down, hence its lack of ski resorts. It however has a spectacular coastline and a favorable weather. You can do exhilarating activities such as diving, rock climbing, and biking. If outdoor activities do not suit your fancies, the Malta archipelago has a UNESCO-recognized heritage site in its midst. Valletta is deeply laden with rich military history and has bastions and baroque-styled buildings that it often feels like an open museum. It also has a bird sanctuary and a reserve. Malta makes it into any list of the best tourist destinations around the world.

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