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Does it Snow in Kansas City?

Kansas City, clustered with water fountains and statues, is the largest city in Missouri. The city straddles the Kansas – Missouri Stateline and covers a metropolitan area of 20,596 square kilometers. It is the 38th  most populous city in the United States, with 2487053 people within its metro area. Kansas City has an elevation of 277 meters above sea level, and the highest point is the city engineer’s office at 1026.84 feet above sea level. As a snow enthusiast, one of the first question you will ask yourself is, does it snow in Kansas City?

Kansas City has a continental climate where winters are cold. The climate is influenced by air masses, resulting in a sudden change in temperature, hail, frost, and snow in winter when they collide. So, it does snow in Kansas during winter.

When does it Snow in Kansas City?

Winter in Kansas City runs from December through February. The winter period is cold, and a sharp temperature variation is observed. The average snowfall throughout the year ranges from 10 inches (254 millimeters) in the highlands to 20 inches (508 millimeters) in the mountains.

Snow in December

December is a cold month in Kansas, with the average low temperatures ranging from 15 degrees Fahrenheit (-9.4 degrees Celsius) to 25 degrees Fahrenheit (-3.9 degrees Celsius).

Frost is frequent at night, and snowfall recorded ranges between 3 inches (76.2 millimeters) and 5 inches (127 millimeters).

Snow in January

In January, temperatures in Kansas City drop further and fluctuate between 15 degrees Fahrenheit (-9.4 degrees Celsius) and 22 degrees Fahrenheit (-5.6 degrees Celsius).

Since the cold season is primarily dry, snowfall is not abundant due to a lack of moisture.

Snow in February

In February, you can see Kansas residents wearing light clothing during the day as temperatures are mild and range from lows of 40 degrees Fahrenheit (4.4 degrees Celsius) to highs of 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius). The nights, however, are chilly, and temperatures drop below freezing point, thus facilitating flurries of snowfall.

Ski Resorts in Kansas City

Kansas City is a multifaceted city in terms of things to do; it has a thriving creative arts scene, vibrant craft brewing traditions, and most importantly, a ski resort!

The Snow Creek Ski Resort

The Snow Creek ski resort is located in northwest Kansas City on the bluffs near the Missouri River. Since its inception in 1986, the resort has withered many storms, such as a tornado that hit the resort on April 30, 2003.  The tornado did, however, leave the ski resort with some minor damages.

The resort sits on a 0.1 square kilometers piece of land and has a 91 meters ski slope that is raised 1099 feet (335 meters) above sea level. With 11 skiing routes available, it is no surprise that the ski resort can cater to all tiers of skiing difficulty. Beginner skiers have two routes allocated to them, while advanced skiers have one.

To facilitate smooth access to its slopes, the ski resort has installed six ski lifts.

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