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Does it Snow in London?

London is the largest city and capital city of England and the United Kingdom. London was originally founded by the Romans and has been a major settlement for two millennials. The city spans a 1,572 square kilometers landmass and is home to 9.4 million people, making it the 35th most populous city worldwide. The city is perched at an altitude of 59.1 feet (18 meters) above sea level, and given such a low elevation; one can’t help but wonder, does it snow in London?

Despite being on the same latitude as Siberia and parts of Russia, London does not experience the long, harsh winters associated with those regions. Instead, it experiences a mild temperate oceanic climate characteristic of Great Britain.  Winter in London lasts between December and February and is characterized by cool temperatures, little snowfall, and rainy weather.

When does it snow in London?

Snowfall in November

November is the first month of snowfall in London. Temperatures vary from highs of 52 degrees Fahrenheit (11.1 degrees Celsius) to lows of 40.8 degrees Fahrenheit (4.9 degrees Celsius). Snow often falls in the form of light flurries and accumulates to a depth of   0.1 inches (2.5 millimeters) throughout the month.

Snowfall in December

December signals the beginning of winter in London. Temperatures are usually mild and range from highs of 48.2 degrees Fahrenheit (9 degrees Celsius) to lows of 37.4 degrees Fahrenheit (3 degrees Celsius). December is also the first month substantial snowfall is recorded in London, with the city aggregating 3.2 inches (81.3 millimeters) after three snowfall days.

Snowfall in January

January is both the coldest and the snowiest month in London. Temperatures fluctuate between highs of 46.5 degrees Fahrenheit (8.1 degrees Celsius) and lows of 36.1 degrees Fahrenheit (2.3 degrees Celsius). It is uncommon for temperatures to fall as low as 33 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degree Celsius) on those extremely chilly days. Throughout the month, London witnesses an average of 4 snowfall days, and the snow can accumulate up to depths of 9.6 inches (243.8 millimeters).

Snowfall in February

The cold weather experienced in January persists in February, but temperatures start to rise towards the end of the month. Average temperatures recorded in the city for the month vary from highs of 47.1 degrees Fahrenheit (8.4 degrees Celsius) to lows of 35.8 degrees Fahrenheit (2.1 degrees Celsius). The snowfall drops from that seen in January and now aggregates 4.3 inches (109.2 millimeters) after falling for4 snowfall days.

Snowfall in March

As March is typically spring in London, daily temperatures are way higher than those seen in the wintry month of February. Temperatures in the city range from highs of 52.3 degrees Fahrenheit (11.3 degrees Fahrenheit) to lows of 39 degrees Fahrenheit (3.9 degrees Celsius). A snow accumulation of 1.1 inches (27.9 millimeters) is recorded after 3 snowfall days in March.

Where does it snow in London?

Heavy snowfall is neither prevalent nor frequent in London. When it does snow, the snow does not stay on the ground long due to a climate associated with large cities, known as the urban heat island effect. The central region in London has slightly higher temperatures hence receive less snowfall than the suburbs.  London records average temperatures ranging from highs of 46.9 degrees Fahrenheit (8.3 degrees Celsius) to lows of 2.4 degrees Fahrenheit (2.4 degrees Celsius) during winter. London witnesses 16 snowfall days throughout the year, and the snow can accumulate to depths of 18.4 inches (467.3 millimeters).

Ski Resorts in London

Do not let the absence of or the lightness of the snow powder in London dissuade you that you can’t have a fun winter season in the city. The London metropolitan area indeed has no ski resorts. But with the several indoor and outdoor ski resorts in the city’s outskirts buzzing with wintry activities, London is never a dull place for a snow enthusiast during winter.

Skieasy Chiswick Ski and Snowboard Center

Skieasy Chiswick is located in Greater London, 14 km away from London. The resort, which is more of a learning center, has 0.1 kilometers of slope available for skiing and snowboarding. Skieasy focuses more on training wannabe skiers and snowboarders and is equipped with modern training equipment and trainers. However, intermediate and expert level skiers have nothing to worry about as the resort opens its doors to them too.

Chel-Ski – London

Chel-Ski is the largest artificial ski area close to London. The resort is in Greater London, just 9 kilometers out of the London Metropolitan area. Chel-Ski has 0.1 kilometers of slope available for skiing and snowboarding and is open throughout the year.

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